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Safe Driving Course

At Champions Skills for Safety, we help employees from any company to live a unique driving experience in preventative behaviours with the goal of reducing accidents. If you are in charge of HR or occupational hazard prevention, this is of interest to you.


About the course


Carlos Sainz stands for authority in everything to do with cars and their relationship with people.

Sponsored by Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz stands for authority in everything to do with cars and their relationship with people.

In-person experience

The Carlos Sainz Karting Center has everything necessary to offer a unique experience of safe driving, seen as more efficient, fresh, and innovative.

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During the training, different technologies will be used, such as the 360º simulation and the Safe Trip application, to continue the experience beyond the in-person moment.


Training modules

CHAMPIONS SKILLS FOR SAFETY is an awareness and prevention experience that consists of three modules:

Brain Skills for Safety

We work on aspects such as distraction and focus, attitude and speed, and we also take into account the state of the vehicle or the weather.

Body Skills for Safety

We focus on physical, mental, and motor abilities, including potential modifications by external agents of all kinds.

Driving Skills for Safety

We put all of the above into practice and analyze the importance of driving consciously or subconsciously.

about us


Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz (World Rally Champion and winner of the Paris-Dakar) is the image of a group of privileged professionals who work on what we like the most: cars, training, and road safety. We want to share our passion responsibly because only professional knowledge and experience lead to maximum safety behind the wheel. Are you looking to improve the safety of your employees or co-workers? We’ll be your greatest travel companion.

An indoor circuit of 450m of rope and double height. Technical and dynamic, with bridge, tunnel, and sloping curve. A spectacular and amusing route.

It is also a technical and safe circuit with a real-time timing system, LED safety signaling, high-density polyethylene protectors for maximum shock absorption, and the most advanced means to ensure maximum safety.


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