Champions Skills for Safety are training courses aimed at preventing accidents and developing preventive behaviors among habitual drivers created from the experience of professional racers and coaches in competition. 

About the curse


The new active and preventive safety features introduced into the automobile world have drastically reduced accidents and mortality. As a result, it is a technology that causes a drastic change in the vision of training in accident prevention.

Looking the best performance

Currently, the human factor continues to be the main cause of accidents, but with a very important difference. Accidents are caused almost entirely the result of repeated misbehavior and attitudes on the part of drivers, and not the lack of driving skills.

Thanks to years in the motorsport elite, we have the learning and tools necessary to analyze and shape the skills, beliefs, and behaviors that influence driver performance.

A unique and distinguishing training

As a result of this learning and based on the same principles, we have developed a unique and distinctive training experience, with a clear purpose: to help our students develop preventative guidelines that reduce the accident rate of human-induced accidents.

Cutting-edge digital tools that support, in an innovative way, a real change in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors about safe driving.

Hybrid training

The success of our training problem lies in a hybrid structure that supports the consolidation of the first-person experience. We have developed a web-based platform to support the experience that interacts with the student to ensure learning and behavioral change.

We transfer in an orderly manner a series of training elements that are aimed at provoking the reflection of the student over a longer time. The platform is designed in an adaptive format and gateways can be created so I can be accessed from a corporate platform.


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