Our goal is for students to learn to identify behaviors and beliefs that have a negative impact on road safety so they can correct them


The human factor is the key

At CHAMPIONS SKILLS FOR SAFETY, we spare no effort to work on the human factor, which is the main reason for accidents. We want our students to be fully aware of the environment, good habits, and everyday driving behaviors that help make everyone safer.

Maximun Security

Those who have already taken other driving courses are surprised by the speed with which our students adopt safer behaviors and beliefs in their daily driving.


Our success lies in the use of state-of-the-art tools, as well as in a unique and innovative methodology shared by professional drivers to improve their performance, in particular, considering the experience of Carlos Sainz.


In addition, we benefit from the parallelism of a driver’s behaviour in competition with those attitudes that keep us away from danger in day-to-day driving.

Maximum advantage

Each exercise has been specifically programmed to progressively increase its difficulty so that all students get the most out of each test or activity.

But one thing’s certain, a fundamental aspect of the method that we use in CHAMPIONS SKILLS FOR SAFETY is that it adapts individually to each student. Competition is not the goal, but to improve all aspects that have an impact on road safety.


All our students will take part in multiple activities from the first minute, which will test their knowledge and beliefs, their psychomotor skills, and their ability to react, not just at the wheel. They will also improve their behaviors with other road users and understand how all of the above can drastically change when the conditions of those of the vehicle are altered.


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